Masayuki Nagase was born in Kyoto, Japan. He began his career as an artist by studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tokyo from 1968-1971. From 1971-1976 he trained in a traditional stone-carving apprenticeship in the granite quarries of Inada in Ibaragi-ken, Japan. In 1976, he began working internationally starting with the Liberty Hill Bicentennial Sculpture Symposium in Texas. Over the next 20 years he participated in numerous international sculpture symposiums in Europe and the countries of Chile, the US, Canada and Japan.

In 1979, Masayuki Nagase established a stone-carving studio in the region of Istria which is on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. He has exhibited and completed a number of public art projects in Europe primarily in the country of Slovenia. He has taught at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, Austria and the Kornaria Sculpture Summer Program in Croatia.

In 1995, Nagase became a resident of the US. He established his studio with his wife, Michele Ku in Berkeley, California where they live with their daughter, An and their dog, Metta. Nagase has completed a number of public art projects in the United States.

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