University of Oregon, College of Education, Eugene, OR

Component (A) and (C) Sculptural Benches
4 Natural granite boulders
Height: 18 inches  Length: 4–6 ft  Width: 2–3 ft

Component (B) Free-standing Sculpture
4 natural granite boulders
Height: 2–6ft  Length: 32ft  Width: 16ft

Commissioned by Oregon Art Commission

The artwork is an environmental work that visually and physically travels from the plaza onto the grass area. It consists of two major components that are conceived as a whole, representing the concept of “Unity and Harmony”.

The component (A) and (C) are the series of 4 sculptural benches placed on the main entrance plaza for the HEDCO building and the Clinical Services building. They are made from large natural granite boulders with the top surfaces hand carved and partially polished. The relief carvings reflect the images of the 4 major elements found in nature: Mountain, Water, Wind and Fire.

The second component (B) is a freestanding sculptural composition placed on the stretch of lawn by the walkway on the eastside of the HEDCO building. This sculpture is composed of 3 elements carved out of the granite boulders. This sculptural composition is a metaphorical expression of a cycle of life. The main image that I envision is an abstract form of the universal concept of Heaven and Earth, in the Asian traditions of Yin and Yang.

Artwork Location

Artwork location at University of Oregon
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